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Vratis Ltd. delivers advanced technologies and services for medicine, biotechnology and IT sectors. Our experience is strongly connected with machine vision and GPU computing and ranges from biological and medical applications to optical inspection and quality control.

Headquarters in Wroclaw, strong relation to academic community, highly educated staff, and experience in research and software development make us a reliable partner.

SpeedIT Cluster: HPC in the Cloud

We are happy announce our new service, called SpeedIT Cluster. It is a Linux or a Windows cluster fully optimized for HPC workloads. The cluster runs in the cloud, is scalable on demand and can be charged on hourly basis. The cluster is secured in Microsoft Azure cloud.


We are happy to announce that AMD and Vratis joint development "clSPARSE" will be presented during the International Workshop on OpenCL (IWOCL 2016).


SpeedIT Flow has been added to UberCloud Marketplace as Experiment 180.

Its performance was tested on four different aerodynamic cases: AeroCar, SolarCar, Motorbike and DrivAer. The results show that SpeedIT Flow is capable of running CFD simulations on a single GPU in times comparable to those obtained using 16-20 cores of a modern server-class CPU.

Read the full case study here.